New Haven Line: Complete

Last weekend when I visited Fairfield Metro, I had officially completed the New Haven Line. I have been to every active station, on the main line and the three branches. However, at the current rate of a station per week, it will be another few months before all of the stations have been posted as a Tuesday Tour.

First station photographed: Danbury, March 20th
First station posted: Bethel, May 17th
Last station photographed: Fairfield Metro, December 3rd

Photographic proof of my achievement can be found below (as I also did for the Harlem Line). At quite a few stations I was there by myself, so it was rather amusing to attempt to take my picture with the camera’s timer. When I photographed Harlem Line stations, the name signs were generally all in the same place, at the same height – this was definitely not the case on the New Haven Line. Some station signs were up high and hanging from things, others were down low a few inches from the platform… and if you’re Merritt 7, you aren’t even cool enough to have a sign like the others.


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  1. I love all the different sign fonts and heights (and the way you captured yourself and the sign together) – displayed together they tell a fun story, not to mention an impressive achievement!

    I’m digging the shoes too.

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