Old postcard image of Green’s Farms station.

Today is Tuesday, which of course means another visit to a train station… this time we’ve stopped at Green’s Farms, a station on the main New Haven Line, located in Westport, Connecticut. The station was in the news recently, due to that hot weather debacle that stopped trains and delayed countless others on the line. One particular train got stuck not far from Green’s Farms, and needless to say, the passengers were far from thrilled.

Sure, the heat sucks, but at least the passengers weren’t involved in this crash that happened at Green’s Farms in 1912.

Besides that little incident, the station of Green’s Farms is not exceptionally noteworthy. There is an adorable little station house, which is probably the cutest part of the whole place. Someone with far too much time on their hands wrote “fook yeah” on pretty much every surface they could find, which supplies some mild amusement… at least until the train comes and you head the 47 miles to Grand Central. Anyways, here are a couple photos of Green’s Farms… next week we’ll see yet another New Haven Line station, and I think it will take me until November to post every station on the line. And by next year I’ll be the crazy nutjob that has toured, photographed, and posted about every single Metro-North station.


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