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  1. Tyler Trahan says:

    Thank you for posting this! It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who thinks this advice should be shared. I always wish my conductors good morning, afternoon, or evening when they punch my ticket and thank them, and tell them good night or thank you when I get off. When I get off the train in the morning and the engineer is standing at the door of the cab car I thank him as well.

    I have so much respect for conductors and the job they do. The crap they put up with on a daily basis – insane snow conditions, crazy and/or drunk passengers, overstuffed trains, upset passengers, mechanical failures, etc – and still manage to do their jobs and maintain a professional attitude…they are literally the people I look up to most. I put them in the same class as firefighters and policemen.

    The best part is, if you’re nice to them you can really connect with them on a personal level. I still remember a conversation I had with an assistant conductor and a small group of passengers about crayons and glitter. Best train ride ever.

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