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  1. Tyler Trahan says:

    Heheheh YouTube AudioSwap continues to amuse me… “Bodies?” Really?

    I agree with you that HDR images of urban decay work really great. I actually really like your processing because it’s not totally over the top like a lot of people seem to like. They still look like…actual photographs, rather than digitally created images by a 13 year old going nuts in Photoshop!

    I don’t know if you’ve done much research on the Old Lady (New York, Ontario, & Western or NYO&W) but it seems to me like one of those historical railroads that you would find really fascinating. It has quite an interesting story, to say the least.

  2. Tyler Trahan says:

    *er, that would be Old Woman, to fit with the initials…duh. I blame my brain overheating due to the lack of air conditioning but it’s probably just me being stupid.

  3. human says:

    this is a great set of pictures. i really like discarded things. it’s not out of any morbid obsession with decay, but it’s a reminder to cherish what you value most and that all things came from “nothing” and return to “nothing.” of course, i do hope the building gets restored, but there’s a certain peace about it being abandoned.

    i probably would have tried some b&w treatments instead of hdr, but i’m not a real photographer.

  4. maddie says:

    You guys should have a go fund me page. I would’ve a donation

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