From my experience riding the trains, it seems that Metro-North has quite the diverse assortment of employees. The people they employ can claim heritage from many different countries and backgrounds. There are some old railroaders that can tell stories of working out of Selkirk many years ago, and there are many fresher faces. Folks that have served their country in Afghanistan. A former member of the Secret Service (whom I secretly think is badass). Today, however, I must mention a rather unique individual (and my surrogate big brother) that many years ago had wanted a finance-related job with the railroad, but after much time was offered a position as an assistant conductor. In reality, he totally missed his calling as an artist. Some mornings I would find notes he left on my seat, as I always sit in the same seat on my morning train. I would sit down and burst out laughing when I saw the note, I’m pretty sure that everyone else on that train thinks I’m nuts.

The first note. Not really necessary, since nobody ever wants this seat.

He told me he read on the internet that the Bronx River Parkway was built so Babe Ruth could get to baseball games. I told him I didn’t believe him.

I’m not really sure what animal that is supposed to be…

Best part is the mouse in the corner that says, “Sucker, get a dog.”

I don’t think we’ll be seeing any seeing-eye cats anytime soon.

Unfortunately there will be no more Cat Facts for an indeterminate amount of time, as the artist has changed jobs and is no longer on my train.

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