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  1. Emily Elizabeth Moser says:

    You would like this, you're coming with me to most of those places!

  2. Tyler Trahan says:

    Very cool! I look forward to seeing your photos from Africa!

  3. Steve says:

    Well, if you do visit the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, i’d be happy to buy you lunch.

    Other things to consider a visit too, the D&H canal that ran from Kingston to Hawley PA. There is a museum in High Falls, various locks around there and stretches of the canal bed are now a park down towards Port Jervis along the 209 corridor. And of course Roebling’s bridge over the Delaware.

    The Wallkill Valley Railroad which is a now about 50 percent rail trail, with a nice trestle over the river in New Paltz. Also, some of the O&W Kingston branch is a rail trail, with quite a few existing stations.

    The University of New Hampshire maintains a library of the USGS topo maps that you can view, they are from the 1890’s – 1940’s. They give you a idea of what old structures and rights of way were around.


    Enjoy Africa, you seem quite the adventurer.

  4. William Hays says:

    Don’t miss the president’s stone-and-wattle condo in Kenya. I hear it has White House china, courtesy of the Clintons.
    The D&H canal was constructed from Kingston, NY to Honesdale, PA. Check Manville B. Wakefield’s “Coal Boats to Tidewater”.
    You should consider staying home, instead of spending your money in ‘furrin’ places, e.g. Alaska and Africa. Wot’s wrong with Amenia and Ancramdale?
    How ’bout investigating the iron, and copper, mines on the Harlem and the Put?
    Wingdale, Tilly Foster, and Copake come to mind. Mahopac Mines intrigues me ’cause I have never been there. There were many branches and spurs to them, way-back… I’m still seeking info on the Tuckahoe Marble quarry spur. Hard to do from afar.

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