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  1. Joe says:

    Nice pics! I’m a ticket seller on Metro North and this was one of my favorite places. Too bad it closed. I took pics in the office there a while ago though. I have a habit of bringing my camera to work. Nice site by the way.

  2. Joe says:

    Yea I have all my pics. Most of them are only in a photo album. I don’t know how to get them on here though. But you can always find me somewhere on the harlem or hudson lines, I just never know where I’ll be!

  3. vincent cassano says:

    Rode the line in the late ’50s to spend 2 weeks in Chappaqua. My parents delivered me from the Bronx to midtown where I met my uncle at his job.
    I loved that train ride.

    You did a wonderful job of documenting your project. Congratulations.
    Dawson, TX.

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