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  1. Steve says:

    Okay, so it’s not winnebago related, but it is Harlem line related, from my inbox today.

    Subject: Ten reasons to do the Harlem Valley Rail Ride

    Dear Cyclist,

    There’s one day left to sign up for the Harlem Valley Rail Ride at the lowest price. Still deciding? Here’s a top 10 list of reasons we hope you’ll join us in Millerton, NY, on July 25!

    1. You haven’t done it before–in which case you are in for a treat with quiet roads, beautiful views, challenging terrain, and top-notch rest areas and rider support.

    2. You *have* done it before–in which case you’ll appreciate the all-new routes this year, introducing you to different roads, trails, and views.

    3. To take a spin around the historic race track in Lime Rock Park, one of the rest area locations.

    4. To experience Millerton, the start/finish host, one of America’s 10 “coolest small towns” according to Frommer’s Travel.

    5. To experience the flat, car-free Harlem Valley Rail Trail in Dutchess and Columbia Counties.

    6. To admire and purchase fine art and crafts from the Eastern Provinces Photographic Society at the post-ride Festival.

    7. To taste the flavors of summer, like watermelon and corn, picked fresh from the fields.

    8. You can take a dip in the town pool after the ride.

    9. You can ride with a group guide or on your own.

    10. You’ll support two worthy non-profits, Bike New York and the Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association.

    Get the lowest price, assure yourself of a T-shirt, and claim a seat on the bus if you need it by registering now at http://www.bikenewyork.org/rides/hvrr/register.html. The distance is up to you: 18, 30, 55, 75, or 100 miles.

    We hope to see you there!

    Happy riding,
    Bike New York

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