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  1. John says:

    hey there. im the “effing commute” guy. thanks for leaving a comment. You’re obviously more advanced at the blogging thing than me. I like how detailed and organized you are. Plus, it sounds like you’re in Goldens Bridge, which is also my station. I’ll try and sign up to follow yours and maybe I’ll bump into on the train sometime taking sneaky pictures with your cell phone…

    • Emily says:

      Yes, Goldens Bridge is my station as well. I saw the post you made about the 7:25 peak train in the morning and had to laugh… I took that train regularly for a while, but then more recently have been opting for the 7:13 local. Far easier to get a seat on there, and do what you call a “dick move” Anyways, thanks for coming over here and checking my blog out :D

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