Metro North says that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest train day of the year. And I certainly believe it. Though any day right before a long weekend tends to be rather busy, yesterday I definitely saw the most people I ever have on my train. When I got on at White Plains there were massive amounts of people, barely enough room to get on the train. All the seats were taken, and people were standing.

Or lounging around in the aisles, while wearing ugly boots, taken after Valhalla when most of the standing folks had exited

Though of course human passengers were not the only ones on board. There were a few canines as well, like this delightful ten-month old pup named Jasmine:

The waiting room was surprisingly empty at White Plains though, and the morning trains were fairly empty. You lucky people that didn’t actually have to work yesterday. But of course there was this one creepy guy, carrying four boxes that on the outside said they contained blood drawing needles, and kept studying a photocopy of a paper that had pictures of guns all over it.

Anyways, enjoy the holiday folks, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. John says:

    hey there. im the “effing commute” guy. thanks for leaving a comment. You’re obviously more advanced at the blogging thing than me. I like how detailed and organized you are. Plus, it sounds like you’re in Goldens Bridge, which is also my station. I’ll try and sign up to follow yours and maybe I’ll bump into on the train sometime taking sneaky pictures with your cell phone…

    • Emily says:

      Yes, Goldens Bridge is my station as well. I saw the post you made about the 7:25 peak train in the morning and had to laugh… I took that train regularly for a while, but then more recently have been opting for the 7:13 local. Far easier to get a seat on there, and do what you call a “dick move” Anyways, thanks for coming over here and checking my blog out :D

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