So I’ve heard that some MTA conductors have stumbled upon my silly little blog… so to them I say hello! Somebody, I don’t know who, happened to tell Guy that the pictures of him and his cue cards were online. So yes, Guy is now famous and immortalized on the internet. Honestly, I am amused that people have been finding this site, considering that it has been on the web just a short time (two weeks this Friday). I had too many stories to write when I first started though, so most of the entries were backdated to make it appear that the blog was started back in December or January.

Anyways, those cue cards are certainly back, and cooler than ever. I told a coworker the story, and he suggested I make some new super awesome cue cards. I matched the blue color of the Harlem Line signs, as well as the font face from the signs, and for good measure threw on a Metro North logo. They are incredibly convincing and official looking. I got Guy to model them yet again, though Peter again ran away from the camera :D


Now you are famous x2!

Here are the other cards:
train1 train2 train3

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    Thanks very much for that nice entry.

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