Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Greystone Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Photograph of Harriman station from the 1903 book Yonkers Illustrated. The station was renamed Greystone circa 1910. Greystone station in 1915. [image source] If you’ve been following me around on my tour of all of Metro-North’s stations, you most likely remember me visiting Harriman station, which is on the Port Jervis Line. However, there is another station, on the Hudson Line, that was also called Harriman in the past. The station now goes by the name of Greystone, and it is today’s stop on our tour of the Hudson Line. Greystone station is located in Yonkers, and approximately 17 miles...

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Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Yonkers Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Although Grand Central Terminal may be the obvious gem of the Metro-North system, interspersed along all three of the main lines are many other beautiful stations. On the New Haven Line, I can’t help but think of New Haven Union Station, and of course Mamaroneck. On the Harlem, I’ve always loved both Brewster and Chappaqua. By now I’ve explored much of the Hudson Line, and it seems that the standout stations there are definitely Poughkeepsie and Yonkers. Both are well-restored examples of brick stations built by the New York Central in the early 1900’s. Though smaller than Poughkeepsie, Yonkers makes...

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Tuesday Tour of the Harlem Line: Hartsdale Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

When it comes to beautiful stations located on the Harlem Line, Hartsdale is definitely high on my list. Scarsdale’s station was built in 1902, and designed by Reed and Stem, in a neo-Tudor style. When Hartsdale’s station was built in 1912, architecture firm Warren & Wetmore modeled the style previously used in Scarsdale. Both station buildings still exist, and in the case of Hartsdale no longer has a ticket window. Instead, Hartsdale’s station building houses a Starbucks. Warren & Wetmore are most noted for their work on Grand Central, though they designed several other stations and buildings for the New...

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