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  1. JPB says:

    Fantastic research. Thank you for this!

  2. Ryan says:

    Alot of names inside the clock, unfortunately not old, mostly new and predominantly state troopers.

  3. Lee says:

    Wow. Very interesting.

  4. Eileen Fay Flockhart says:

    So exciting to see just where those family names are. Lots of good stories about them growing up!

  5. Lee says:

    Ok, this is a year later, but the New York Transit Museum store announced umbrellas with the GCT constellations on them.

  6. Michael DeLuco says:

    Wow i just stumbled onto this article. I am Mike “duluco’ Lol .And i did not sign that.Most likely it was my boss that signed my name there as he had/has a reputation for butchering names. I also did sign my own name in another spot though

  7. Kristin Allington says:

    Thanks for your research! June Allington Archer was the sister of my mother, Helen Welte Allington, who married Charles F. Gulbrandsen in 1944. June married Lawrence John Archer in 1944. The couple lived in Port Washington, NY.

  8. Michelle Pollack says:

    This is fascinating info Emily! Thanks for the deep dive. Have you heard that there are messages as well as signatures in the ceiling? I’ve heard that near Gemini there is a celebratory message about the birth of twins and also a mention of D-Day somewhere else in the ceiling. Is there any truth to this or are they GCT myths?

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