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  1. Dan Cluley says:

    The connection between Dot & White Plains makes me curious about something. Mystery writer Lawrence Block has a recurring character named Dot (possibly short for Dorothy in this case) who lives in White Plains. Now I’m wondering if this is an easter egg, or just a coincidence?

  2. Lee says:

    Very interesting history. Sad that the old station was allowed to decay and be demolished, from the pictures, it looked like a very handsome building. Unfortunately, in its last years the New York Central RR was losing serious money and could not afford to maintain its old grand station buildings, and the Penn Central was in even worse shape.

    It should be noted that years ago urban renewal was seen as a great idea. Many of the old buildings and neighborhoods targeted for demolition were indeed in lousy shape. Bright and shiny modern buildings were seen as a welcome improvement, as an attraction to revitalize a neighborhood. Old buildings that were left standing were modernized with dropped ceilings, fluorescent lighting, and air conditioning. Old decoration and ornamentation were covered up. It wasn’t just planners and politicians, but most of the public in those days applauded it as well. That was the style back then.

  3. Steve nannariello says:

    I am trying to find out about a hotel and tavern called the Harlem hotel at 21 main st white plains near the train station. The hotel was owned by my great grandfathers brother donato nannariello around 1905-1920s any information or pictures I would be very great full.

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