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  1. Lee says:

    A book was recently published, “Logomotive: Railroad Graphics and the American Dream” by Jonathan Glancey and Ian Logan, Sheldrake Press, describing how railroads shaped their public image. (I haven’t seen it, but the reviews seem interesting.)

  2. Adam Campbell says:

    I have in my possession a schematic of the Harlem river tunnel,and I am curious whether or not it is genuine. It came into my hands in the spring of 2000, when I lived in East Hartford Ct. I was fortunate enough to reside next to a home that was built in ca. 1756. In April of 2000 I noticed one morning that my neighbor was having a tag sale in the front yard. Being a big local history buff, I was eager to attend. I purchased a few items, but nothing I hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t until days later that I found an old blueprint, in between the pages of a Saturday Evening Post Magazine from.1912. This home was occupied by the same family for all those years. They were a well connected family to the elite. This is the very home where barrels of silver coin were stored for the French army during thier stay when a young America was fighting for thier independence. I wonder if anyone could tell me if I have the real thing or not. Any help would be very helpful. Thank you very much.

  3. RD says:

    My ancestor Dr Alfred S Dana was killed in 1901 when a New York and Harlem express train hit his carriage after his driver wasnt able to get the horses over before the train rounded the curve.
    The horses, driver and Alfred were all killed and his widow and children sued for $50,000

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