Last night the iconic Solari split flap display was removed from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to make way for a new, ADA-compliant digital board. I spent the day documenting the takedown, and here is a collection of some of my photos from then, and from other days.

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  1. Rocco A. Mastronardi, P.E. says:

    Beautiful and kind photos… Was sad when the board was taken down at GCT. I remember it still up in the 1980s, seeing the long gone name trains flip by…

  2. thomas lienhard says:

    I have seen this one and a much larger one in Zurich Airport in Switzerland many years ago… the sound is wonderful and unmistakeable! GREAT PICTURES!!!

  3. Michael Ochoa says:

    Our family visits from Texas to Philadelphia, we looked forward to seeing the schedule board do its thing. Preferred to see this over the Rocky steps!

  4. Lee says:

    The Trenton, NJ, station still has a working Solari at the main entrance.
    Trenton serves Amtrak, NJ Transit, and SEPTA.
    (Station also still has a few pay telephones).

  5. Leonardo Bruno says:

    I just came across this and loved it on so many levels. Nicely done. I wonder how many
    Solari Clocks are left in in the NY Metro Area? So sad to see them all being removed.

    • Emily Moser says:

      There is still a split flap board in use at the station in Secaucus, although I don’t believe it is a Solari. That’s the only one I can think of that is being used for its purpose – there are two in New York (JFK’s TWA hotel, and the TWA lounge at the World Trade Center) but they are just for decorative purposes.

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