So long, Solari.

Last night the iconic Solari split flap display was removed from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to make way for a new, ADA-compliant digital board. I spent the day documenting the takedown, and here is a collection of some of my photos from then, and from other days.

4 thoughts on “So long, Solari.

  1. Beautiful and kind photos… Was sad when the board was taken down at GCT. I remember it still up in the 1980s, seeing the long gone name trains flip by…

  2. I have seen this one and a much larger one in Zurich Airport in Switzerland many years ago… the sound is wonderful and unmistakeable! GREAT PICTURES!!!

  3. Our family visits from Texas to Philadelphia, we looked forward to seeing the schedule board do its thing. Preferred to see this over the Rocky steps!

  4. The Trenton, NJ, station still has a working Solari at the main entrance.
    Trenton serves Amtrak, NJ Transit, and SEPTA.
    (Station also still has a few pay telephones).

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