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  1. Looks great Emily!!! I love the mission and Southwest style architecture. I heard Los Pollos Hermanos is opening up a franchise in the station at Albuquerque. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

  2. Paul O'Donnell says:

    Love the photos. The American Southwest is a truly beautiful part of our country. Looking forward to my trip on Southwest Chief at the end of this month. Thanks for sharing.

  3. David Fisher says:

    That is a terrific photo essay. Are you a railfan or just an expert photographer? Some of the best rail photography I’ve seen anywhere and I’ve seen a lot. You really captured some of the essence of the route across NM. Esp. liked the old buildings and the rails, some of them with the roadbed blurred. We all focus on different things and you captured your subjects beautifully!

  4. Warren J Eng says:

    Emily, the former Harvey hotel in Las Vegas NM, La Castenega, is now receiving guests again. I hope you can stop by again and see how wonderful a job the new owners have done in its restoration.

  5. Warren Eng says:


    The the former Harvey House “Las Castanedas Hotel” in Las Vegas NM is now open!

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