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  1. Frank Keller says:

    Emily, I truly enjoyed reading about your latest adventures. Your photography is exquisite. You really have an eye for composition. Your photo selection is impressive as you seem to be able to take a great photo no matter how mundane the subject matter or location might appear to the average photographer such as myself. I know this because many of the photos I just looked at I wouldn’t have taken myself. However I see I have been missing much by not opening my eyes to what’s around me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. JOhn says:

    Welcome to WNY! We have a real celebrity among us, now!
    BCT was recently famous too, with two different film crews using it this summer, some of their cosmetic repairs are evident in the last and third-to-last photos. Just don’t hang around there without an invitation, BPD is touchy about it (due to area crime).
    Lots of trains here (about 70-90 per day), but only 8 of them are passenger.
    Good luck and Happy New Year!


    PS, if anyone talks about keeping a shovel in their car(s) they’re not kidding, I even keep a spare snow brush in my work locker, it comes in handy!

  3. William Hays says:

    Surprising news, that you moved to Buffalo. Couldn’t master the ‘Deutsch’ in PA, eh? Well, Buffalo needs a LOT of help in the railroad area. The politicians have ruined the area for eons! BCT needs to be re-vitalized. I hope you can help! Do get the extra shovel, and snow-scraper! I can help you with Polski translations.

  4. Absolutely great photos Emily! As an Aussie train photographer and writer, I’m always jealous of the places you get to. I don’t think I’ll ever afford to travel America to chase trains, so I’ll just keep trying to emulate your work here in Australia. Let me know if you ever release a photo book in printed form. I’d love to buy a signed copy!
    Cheers, Phillip

  5. Al Brecken says:

    Superb , Emily , Just Superb

  6. fredmcain2003@yahoo.com says:


    You didn’t really climb up there on the Hell Gate Bridge with that guy, did you?

    Fred M. Cain

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