Though the clock tower in Grand Central may be one of the coolest windows of all of New York City, if you’re looking for an entire vantage point to see the city in a new way the old New York Central building is an absolute gem. I’ve professed my love for the building previously, but I recently got a chance to head up to the building’s cupola – high above the bustle of Park Avenue and face-to-face with the behemoth MetLife Building. From Harlem-125th Street it is possible to see the four miles down Park and spy the old railroad building – likewise, from the building’s cupola you can see straight ahead to the station’s platform and arriving and departing trains.

If you’ve ever wondered what the view from the top of the New York Central Railroad looked like (well, sort of, a lot has changed since then!), here are some photos from the cupola:


Thanks much to the folks at 230 Park for all their help!

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  1. Al Cyone says:

    Thanks for that unique perspective. One can only mourn the loss of the view to the south, thanks to the hideous abomination that those of us of a certain age still think of as the PanAm building.

  2. Tom in Poughkeepsie says:

    OMG! What views. Next time you go there and need someone to carry your bags, I’m available. ;-)


  3. ttu says:

    Nicely done! I’d often wondered what the interior and exterior of that building would be like. Thanks.

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