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  1. The German eagle and the Berlin bear adorn the towers.

  2. T Man says:

    Nice pics. I’ll be in Germany in July, first time. Will be very interested to ride the U and S Bahns in Munich, and if time permits, the ICE.

  3. bartje says:

    Munich has a wonderful S and U system, but don’t forget it’s trams, as well! It’s the best way to get to know the city. ICE’s are abundant, but not all lines are fast. From Munich, it’s ‘only’ 250 kph to Augsburg, and 200 kph to Rorbach, halfway to Ingolstadt. If you want faster, you need to travel to Nuremberg, between Ingolstadt and Nuremberg the line is capable of 300 kph running. By ICE, it’s only 1h10 to get to Nuremberg, a lovely city, with lots of history, and a heck of a train station. Munich’s HBF (Hauptbahnhof, means main station) pales in comparison, I’m afraid.

  4. burkeone says:

    You did a poor Job concerning the picture captions: One of the says “Looking out toward the bridge from Warschauer Brücke station, 1932” when it clearly is the station “Osthafen” which is nonexistent anymore. Another one is supposed to be a “1985 construction photo” whereas it should be 1885.

    • Emily says:

      No need to be rude. The obvious typo has been corrected. The label for the other photo comes directly from the Bundesarchiv… the short title of the photo is actually “Berlin, Bahnhof Warschauer Strasse” – whether correct or not.

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