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  1. Philip Lips says:

    Emily. I have been wanting to ask you how you add the oil painted feature to some of your photos. They take me by surprise sometimes but I really like them.
    As always, thank you for what you are doing to keep railroads alive, some of us still have them in our hearts.

  2. Jeff M. says:

    It’s odd, but the station appears much larger in the old photos than it does now. Is that just an illusion caused by the peaked roof?

  3. Philip Lips says:

    Just saw something about HDR photography in Trainorders so looked it up on the internet. Now I know a bit about it so I will try to learn when to use it and not to be used.
    Thanks for giving me a look at the latest in photography (for me anyway).

  4. Backshophoss says:

    Are there any plans of rebuilding that currently unused trackbed at Hartford
    for the New Haven-Hartford commuter service?
    When viewed from the I-84 elevated roadway,it was hard to figure out
    there was a 3rd track at the station.
    (I-84 swings right heading east to the I-91 interchange)

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