If you read our most recent Tuesday Tour to Metro-North’s newest station in West Haven, you may recall that I said that it would be appropriate if the the station were to have something commemorating the life of Robert Luden. Luden was the track foreman killed in May near the station’s construction site. I was not alone in my thought, as several weeks after my visit a memorial was placed, and a small ceremony held on the 20th of September. Luden was a Metro-North employee for twenty-seven years, and during his free time enjoyed reading. The silhouetted figure on the memorial depicts a seated figure smoking a cigarette and reading a book, along with the nickname Luden’s fellow coworkers called him – Bobalou.

I took a quick visit back to West Haven to view both the memorial and the inside of the station that I missed last time, and thought they’d be appropriate to share. Consider these an addendum to our previous Tuesday Tour.


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  1. Hank says:

    Emily, thanks for the view of a fitting tribute, very appropriate. The West Haven station is nice enough, but I guess I’m just an old fool classicist with memories of the Bedford Hills station of my youth during the 40s and early 50s.

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