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  1. James says:

    Beautiful artwork, very inspiring!

  2. Al Cyone says:

    I revisited (or, more likely, saw for the first time) your earlier post on Ragan and realized that I have long had a poster of his painting of the 20th Century Limited (without knowing anything about the artist). Thanks for the info.

  3. Lee Winson says:

    Neat stuff, thanks for posting it!

    Sadly, the Budd Company is gone. Their railway division (Red Lion) building in northeast Philadelphia was demolished to build a golf course.

    Budd had a special expertise in welding stainless steel, a metal that is difficult to work with, but is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. Budd products were known to last, and many remain in regular service to this day, such as Amtrak’s Amfleet, the PATCO fleet, a few NYC subway cars, some RDCs, and some Amtrak legacy equipment. SEPTA just retired its 49 year old Budd Silverliners and they were in good shape despite their age.

  4. William Hays says:

    Was this the same artist that did the famous painting for General Motors? It showed a “Jimmy Junker” passing over a railroad. Unfortunately, for GM, the loco pulling the train was an Alco (FA, or PA), while GM was producing EMD units.

    Aside: I recently became a Caterpillar shareholder, since their buyout of Electro- Motive Diesel (Canada). I was always an Alco fan, with slight affection of Fairbanks-Morse. Baldwin, including B-L-H, and Electro Motive Division (both loved by the “Red Team” [PRR]) were not in my viewfinder very often. Now that BHO’s lap-dog, Jeff Immelt, is running GE, I will not buy anymore GE locomotives. Take that, Jeff!

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