Sad train is sad...

Fare increases are in inevitable but depressing reality when it comes to riding the train. Starting March, Metro-North has unfortunately had to raise fares yet again. This, of course, has happened many times throughout history. In 1951 the New York Central distributed a brochure to Harlem and Hudson commuters regarding an upcoming fare increase, which I’d like to share with you… complete with an anthropomorphized sad train. Sad train is sad :(

Brochure Part 1

Brochure Part 2

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  1. Lee Winson says:

    In the 1950s, property taxes were a major burden on the commuter railroads.

    The Pennsylvania Railroad was paying $1,000,000 in property taxes on Penn Station alone in the 1950s. That tax burden was a contributing factor in the railroad’s decision to demolish the headhouse and build other things in its place. Likewise, the tax burden was a factor in the New York Central’s decision to have the Pan Am building built at Grand Central.

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