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  1. Jeff M. says:

    GREAT idea! You’ve hit a home run, as usual.

    I am really impressed with that poster. The layout and design, the use of type (look at how the simple switch to small caps makes New York City stand out!), the spacing — it’s nearly perfect. The care that had to be taken to put that together in an age of hard type is unimaginable.

    (An ironic note: the previous terminal stood for only a dozen years. Though, to be fair, it looks pretty ugly.)

    Hey! Love your countdown clock, but I’m surprised you didn’t make it look like a station display!

    • Emily says:

      Haha, that would have been a cool idea. The site already takes enough time to load since it is so image-heavy, and the countdown probably wouldn’t have helped much!

      As for the old poster, some of the type is actually fixed up. When I can photoshop out imperfections and such, I try to do it.

  2. Al Cyone says:

    I agree. Great idea.

    Looking at the old poster I found myself wondering, for the first time, if the “Central” in Grand Central Terminal referred, not to its location in the center of Manhattan as I’d always assumed, but to its association with the New York Central railroad (just as Pennsylvania Station was named for its railroad). Any ideas?

  3. Al Brecken says:

    CG ; Dick Carpenter , who is a staff-member of the SONO Switch Tower Museum has a valuable collection of original GCT construction photos. One shows what I guess is the “East Limit” of this marvelous , “can’tbe duplicated” engineering achievement ; a foundation wall that parallels Lexington Ave.

    I perceive the “base” of the GCT contruction as a rectangular ” box” with West / South / East side , an “open” on the North side. All the trackage is contained in the “Box” with the East side abutting Lexington Ave. and the South side abutting 42nd St.

    It would be interesting to know how far the South side extends to the West; possibly M – N can establish a “Forum” hosted by M-N people with acess to original GCT plans and documents.

    CG . I compliment you on your splendid contribution to this most laudable project , and if you want to contact Dick , who is an expert on RR Signal Towers — dcarpenter1371@aol.com

  4. Larry Dawson says:

    When the book is published, I want 5 copies.

    • Emily says:

      Sorry, there wont be any book. I don’t have the money to purchase the publishing rights to one of these photos, let alone one hundred.

  5. Daniel says:

    My wife and I will be heading to Grand Central on Feb 2nd for the big event.

  6. Daniel says:

    We went on Saturday to the exhibit in Vanderbuilt Hall. It was fantastic to see all the pictures and some of the refurbish lamps, chandeliers and the new plans to make that new extension for L.I.R.R. trains to Grand Central.

    I have to admit that I almost cried when I was looking around, because it was all so beautiful. Such a grand old station. Proud to be a New Yorker when I go to GCT.

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