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  1. Backshophoss says:

    So this was the prototype used for the Walters models of the station and
    trainshed that was released along with the Hiawatha cars,
    nice to see the building and trainshed was saved.

    • Otto Vondrak says:

      No, the Walther’s model is based on the old Milwaukee Road depot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That was razed in the mid-1960’s and replaced with the current facility that still serves to this day. You are correct that they are both Milwaukee Road stations, though. :-)

  2. Al Cyone says:

    The next time you’re in Pittsburgh, check out The Pennsylvanian. My uncle had a small apartment there; it’s quite an impressive building (especially the rotunda).

  3. Jeff M. says:

    I realize it’s a stylized image, but isn’t it odd that Mark Herman’s print so completely changes the building? That lower extension on the tower — which appears to have actually been a scaffold? — doesn’t even exist anymore, yet he’s got it as a solid architectural element on a much shorter structure. Talk about artistic license!

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