Last Sunday I had a very enjoyable time taking photos at the Railroad Museum of New England, and figured I would share some of the photos from the day. Last weekend the museum played host to Flagg Coal 75, affectionately nicknamed Hank. The weather wasn’t the best last weekend, especially on Saturday, but this weekend’s weather is supposed to be a lot better. And that is perfect for you – as Hank will be visiting for a second and final weekend. You still have a chance to see steam on the Naugy this season!

The RMNE has a fancy-pants website (not some circa-1998 design abomination) and it allows you to purchase tickets online. So if you ask me, you should be on that site right now buying a ticket for a ride this weekend. Tickets are still available for Friday’s rides at 2 and 4, and rides on Saturday and Sunday at 10, 12, 2, and 4. You’ll have a lot of fun. Trust me.


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  1. John L. says:

    Nice shots around the Jerihco Bridge. I plan on going today to purchase a ticket then get some photos myself. Something about steam that is fascinating.

    John L.

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