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  1. Al Cyone says:

    My heart nearly skipped a beat!

  2. Jeff says:

    When I see those ladies in their white dresses, I wonder how long those dresses stayed white with all the coal soot emerging from the steam engine… !

  3. pathfinder616 says:

    the caption for the historic image of the Pearl River station is not quite accurate. it should read:

    “Dexter Folder Company Sunday picnic outing. Employees and families at the Erie Railroad depot, Pearl River, New York, ca.1910-1913″

    the Dexter Folder Company was located across the railroad tracks from the Pearl River station. the above caption has been published somewhere with the same photograph you have posted but unfortunately i did not record the source.

    • Emily says:

      The photo caption contains the link to the original page where the photo is published. Photo and caption are from the Orangetown Historical Museum… to where I would generally defer. I guess you’re saying that the people in the photo were just at the station having a picnic, and weren’t actually waiting for a train?

      • pathfinder616 says:

        it is hard to say definitively if they are passengers waiting for the train. all i am suggesting is that i have seen this photograph published before including the Orangetown Historical Museum website’s description. the description i provided in the previous comment was copied from this other source which i unfortunately cannot locate. i find it provides much more detail as to what i see in this image. i admit i am amusing whomever provided this description knew about the details of the Dexter Folder Company’s Sunday picnic outing.

        it is quite possible these are women and children of factory workers whom have commuted from New York City or other locations using the Erie Railroad. or they could be locals from Pearl River at the picnic.

        could you provide me with the source of the first image of the Pearl River station with the ticket?

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