Postcard views and ticket from Nanuet station

As we continue along the Pascack Valley Line, heading towards New Jersey, the next station we arrive at is Nanuet. Unlike the two other Metro-North stations on the line, Nanuet seems a little bit more quiet – it is not surrounded by cafes, shops, or busy roads. The Nanuet Mall is not too far from the station, but compared with the shops in Pearl River, the mall has little character (though what is left of the mall is apparently going to be demolished and replaced with The Shops at Nanuet – maybe it will be slightly more interesting, but probably not). Perhaps it is character that Nanuet station is missing – unlike Spring Valley and Pearl River there is no station building here. The building that was here met the fate that far too many stations have suffered – destroyed by fire.

Photo of Nanuet station from Daniel Silverman’s Nanuet Postcards and Photos page, photographer unknown.

Like many of the very basic stations we saw on the Port Jervis Line, Nanuet’s facilities are comprised of a low-level platform partially covered by a canopy, a ticket vending machine, a bench or two, and a small shelter. It is the only Pascack Valley station in New York considered to be fully ADA compliant, and at the end of the platform is a ramp and mini-high level to accommodate people in wheelchairs. The station is about 28 miles from Hoboken, a journey that takes a little bit over an hour.

That is about it for today’s quick visit to Nanuet. Pearl River is up next week, finishing the Pascack Valley Line… and then we’ll be on to the Hudson Line!


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  1. Adam Moss says:

    Fire brought down Nanuet station on March 14, 1991.

    Nanuet was also the junction with the New City Branch of the Erie, which went to as your might expect, New City. (It was intended to go further but they did not want to cut through the hills in northern Rockland County.)

    Service on the New City was replaced by bustitution in June 1939, which ended in September.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh yeah, the Palisades definitely killed it. The Palisades Mall is really yucky… but what a collection of services they offer – you can get a tattoo, your baby paternity tested… shit, I wish I was joking.

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