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  1. Adam Moss says:

    Well as I’ve mentioned, I don’t consider this station all that interesting compared to the rest. Humorously Middletown-Town of Walkill was the last PJL station I’ve ever been to.

    Besides by Saturday, I will have been to and photographed every station of Metro-North since 1983. :)

    • Emily says:

      Saturday, eh? You’ll have beaten me to it! I’m at 95 – everything except the Hudson Line. Give me a few months, though :P

  2. Adam Moss says:

    I live in Jersey, its not so easy to get to CT. Its Greenwich, Darien – Stratford. Plus, Kent Road (closed 1994, Danbury Branch) and the lower 3 stations on the Waterbury (Ansonia, Seymour and Derby-Shelton.)

    • Emily says:

      I’m actually curious what you’ll find at Kent Road. I didn’t get over there, but from google maps’ aerial view it doesn’t look like there really is much left.

      • Adam Moss says:

        I am highly doubtful, but you never know. Also in typical me form, I can’t say I’ve done it until I’ve been to everything.

        Just for notes of your Hudson Line stuff:

        – Crugers Station site is inaccessible. The old accessway is present, but of course, deemed unsafe.

        – Montrose you can get some good shots from the bridge above, but the site is fenced off.

  3. Backshophoss says:

    Mr Moss,Kent Road by now has been totaly destroyed,
    due to signal installation work on the Danbury Branch.
    At best,Kent Road was a strip of blacktop and a step box.

    There is/was a circus train stashed somewhere in Middlletown,
    the “James E Strates Shows” 61 cars long. This has been their
    base for shows on both sides of the hudson and on long island

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