“So, boss, where do we fit the Metro-North logo?” “I don’t know, just slap it wherever there’s some room!”

I’m sure this is the post you’ve absolutely been dying for… the moment we officially crown Metro-North’s station with the longest name. Middletown Town of Wallkill is certainly a mouthful… And it certainly fills up those station signs. Though most folks probably call the station just Middletown, the station is considered part of Wallkill. The real Middletown station, which is now a library that I featured a few weeks ago, was on the portion of the Erie main line that was abandoned when Metro-North took over in the 80’s. A new station was built, and to include everybody it inherited the name Middletown, and was also given the name Wallkill. Unfortunately, there is another Wallkill in New York – the hamlet of Wallkill, which is in Ulster county. Therefore, to differentiate the two, “town of” was tacked on in front of Wallkill. This is apparently how you create a massive station name. Only on the Port Jervis line.

A circus train arrives at the former Middletown station in 1906. The old station is about three and half miles west of the current station. [images source]

As you’ve likely surmised, Middletown Town of Wallkill station is hardly an interesting place. It does have relatively new facilities though, with a nice green canopy covering the platform, and two ticket vending machines. There is a mini low-level platform for any riders in wheelchairs, but Harriman is considered the closest station with full ADA accessibility. The station is approximately 72 miles from Hoboken, a ride that ranges from around one hour and 45 minutes to two hours. A ride to Penn Station takes around two hours as well. Beyond that, there isn’t anything super interesting about this place… though if you’re a fan of shopping, there is a mall not far from the station.


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  1. Adam Moss says:

    Well as I’ve mentioned, I don’t consider this station all that interesting compared to the rest. Humorously Middletown-Town of Walkill was the last PJL station I’ve ever been to.

    Besides by Saturday, I will have been to and photographed every station of Metro-North since 1983. :)

    • Emily says:

      Saturday, eh? You’ll have beaten me to it! I’m at 95 – everything except the Hudson Line. Give me a few months, though :P

  2. Adam Moss says:

    I live in Jersey, its not so easy to get to CT. Its Greenwich, Darien – Stratford. Plus, Kent Road (closed 1994, Danbury Branch) and the lower 3 stations on the Waterbury (Ansonia, Seymour and Derby-Shelton.)

    • Emily says:

      I’m actually curious what you’ll find at Kent Road. I didn’t get over there, but from google maps’ aerial view it doesn’t look like there really is much left.

      • Adam Moss says:

        I am highly doubtful, but you never know. Also in typical me form, I can’t say I’ve done it until I’ve been to everything.

        Just for notes of your Hudson Line stuff:

        – Crugers Station site is inaccessible. The old accessway is present, but of course, deemed unsafe.

        – Montrose you can get some good shots from the bridge above, but the site is fenced off.

  3. Backshophoss says:

    Mr Moss,Kent Road by now has been totaly destroyed,
    due to signal installation work on the Danbury Branch.
    At best,Kent Road was a strip of blacktop and a step box.

    There is/was a circus train stashed somewhere in Middlletown,
    the “James E Strates Shows” 61 cars long. This has been their
    base for shows on both sides of the hudson and on long island

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