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  1. Emily says:

    I had to google Rainn Wilson, because I had no idea who that was.

    As for Stamford, don’t hope for too much. I was really too afraid to take pictures because there were so many cops swarming the place when I was there.

  2. Keven L. says:

    Loved today’s post, but why didn’t Darien rate a panorama picture? I may be showing my ignorance, but I assumed each station post would include one of those left-to-right-and-everything-in-between pics for the panorama project. Is the definition of panorama broader than that? Or did internet gremlins steal one of your pictures?

    • Emily says:

      Haha, you are correct… I wouldn’t totally consider any of the posted images a traditional panorama in the typical 180 degree sense. Many of my photos would be considered more wide angle shots, such as the final one. It was however stitched together from seven separate photographs, which is more along the lines of my criteria for the title. Though perhaps even that concept should be revisited, as I now have a lens that can essentially take around 160 or more degrees in a single shot.

      But I think the underlying concept behind all of my so-called panoramic shots is the distortion – rendering a linear landscape of rails and platform edges with a graceful curve. The two stitched photographs present do fit that description.

      And since you are asking, I did shoot a more “traditional” panorama, at least in the 180 degree sense, while I was at Darien. However, I was not happy with it, and thus was not posted. :P

  3. Al Brecken says:

    A week from yesterday I went to a estate sale in the Rowayton section of Darien ; this was Andy Rooney’s house located not very far South of the Rowayton Depot. Very modest , non-descript house , no chandelier in the dining room—did Andy commute from the Rowayton Depot ? would depend on the MN schedule for a “limited stop” depot.

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