The past two weeks I’ve had my camera with me, and decided to brave the horrible parking garage elevator in search of good shots in White Plains. As you may recall, this is the place that I once said was one of my favorites – that is, until I got stuck in the elevator for half an hour, and the White Plains fire department had to break me out. The pasted flyers on the inside of the elevator – giving various “emergency” numbers in case the elevator’s emergency phone did not work – didn’t give me a whole lot of confidence. Thankfully, I did not get stuck, and I got a few nice photos of the station area.

The first photo was from the 10th of February, and the second was from yesterday, the 17th. Both were taken at about the same time, 5:46 PM. Our days are slowly getting longer… and I’m liking this, a lot. Right now I board my morning train in darkness, and again board my evening train in the dark. I’ll be a happy camper when I actually get to ride the train in the light. And maybe I’ll be taking my camera along a whole lot more.

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  1. ChasM says:

    What camera do you shoot with? Do you do in camera stitching for your panorama shots?

    Huge fan of the site and your pictures. I’m a west coast railfan relocated to NYC, and your excursions have given me not only inspiration to explore, but helped me get the lay of the land. Thanks for your passion!

    • Emily says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your compliments. I’ve had quite a few different cameras over the years I’ve been maintaining the site… in December I did purchase a Canon 60D, so that is what the recent photographs I’ve done were with. All of the panoramas I do are stitched outside of the camera in photoshop.

  2. Tyler says:

    Nice shots! The blue hour is quite a fun time to shoot in.

    I have thankfully reached the point where I board my trains in the light, although I still arrive home well after nightfall. I’d end this comment by saying the difference is like night and day, but that would an absolutely atrocious pun.

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