If there is one thing I like about the New Haven Line, it is that there are always trains passing by. The stretch of track that is the New Haven main line is filled with packed Metro-North trains and intercity Amtrak trains, frequently passing in both directions. Many of the stations I visited on the Harlem Line were far more quiet than here, and I got few photos of trains passing by. Lots of trains always look nice in station panorama photos – so at least the line has that going for it. On the other hand, some of the people that occupy these trains are a bit interesting. I was slightly amused by a man that had a half-done hairdo, as it totally reminded me of this mug shot I saw on the internet (amusingly, this has happened more than once. And one of the instances was in Connecticut). I also witnessed a woman running through the train, dragging along her three children – she was running away from the conductor, as she did not want to pay. Two conductors managed to catch her in the train car behind me, so I’m not exactly sure what happened. Most unfortunately, I did not see any wallabies. I know I’ve mentioned that my favorite question to ask conductors is “what is the craziest thing you’ve seen anyone bring on a train?” The current reigning champion for the craziest thing brought on a Metro-North train is a wallaby, witnessed by blogging New Haven Line conductor Bobby.

Postcard view of Pelham station

Back on topic, today’s panoramic stop on the New Haven Line is Pelham – the second New York state station on the line to be featured here. Pelham is located fifteen miles from Grand Central, and it takes around a half hour to arrive in the city by train. The station is in fact quite charming – surrounded by trees and other greenery. Various shops, including a deli and a few restaurants are all within walking distance. The old station building, built in 1893, still remains, though it is mostly occupied by a real estate office. I was able to see the old ticket windows inside (through the window – I hate how most stations are closed on the weekends!), though Pelham no longer has a ticket agent and all tickets are sold through the TVMs. That’s about all I have for you this morning – enjoy the photographic tour of Pelham:


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  1. Joe says:

    Nice photos!

    I was just at Pelham myself back on a rainy day in late August doing railfan video of trains doing the AC catenary/DC third rail changeover there. I posted some of that video to my youtube; it’s pretty cool watching the pantographs reach for the sky or drop to rest at the changeover point…

  2. Lee says:

    Another old post, referred by “you may also like”.

    Nice pictures

    I visited Pelham a few years ago. It’s a pretty little town with a nice business district.

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