In my endeavor to finish up the Danbury Branch on these Tuesday tours, today we’ll make a quick visit to the small station known as Branchville. Located in the Branchville section of Ridgefield, the name derives from the branch rail line that once ran through here to Ridgefield village (that branch is now a rail trail). Branchville station is located 54 miles from Grand Central Terminal, and the platform is long enough to accommodate three train cars.

Branchville’s station building, completed in 1905, still stands and has been occupied since the 80’s by the Whistle Stop Bakery. The History of Redding website has some pretty cool historical images of the station, a few of which I’ve also posted below. Enjoy a quick look at Branchville then and now.


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  1. mike says:

    why do the trees look like its winter or they have died..? demand for food fiber additives from wood as an extender has grown, rumor has it, due to the bum economy.. whats the fare into Grand Central..22 dollars..?

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