Before you know it, I’ll have done the complete tour of the Danbury Branch… my first little milestone as I continue to tour the New Haven Line. Today we’re visiting Redding, a little Danbury Branch station with a bit of an identity crisis. Though all schedules refer to the station as just plain old Redding, all of the station signs refer to it as West Redding. The station is just shy of 59 miles from Grand Central, and can be found in a quiet little area not far from Route 7.

There isn’t too much that is noteworthy here, but I do have to admit that I think the miniature library found in the station is pretty cool. The Mark Twain library keeps a small shelf stocked with books for commuters to read and swap out at their leisure. Whenever I see any sort of book arrangement at a station, I always think it is the coolest thing. Books, after all, are great for those who regularly ride trains in order to pass the time. I’ve only seen a few stations that have done anything similar – Scarsdale’s library has a small kiosk outside the train station, and Westport has a similar book arrangement as Redding.


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