After spending the majority of Sunday taking photos at New Haven Line stations, I have to admit that some of the stations are pretty cute. In fact, I want to take some of them home with me (and not this one). If one day you head over to Cannondale station, and you find that the building is missing, well, it might be in my backyard. In all seriousness, the station is quite adorable. Unfortunately it is currently empty and unoccupied – the small cafe that was inside shut down at the end of 2009. CDOT was looking to have a new tenant by summertime of 2010, but obviously that has not panned out.

Cannondale is one of the small stations located on the Danbury Branch, in the Cannondale section of Wilton. The station is located approximately 50 miles away from Grand Central. Cannondale’s claim-to-fame is having a company named after it – the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation. Their original logo featured the station and the tracks.

Photo credit to Scott who owns the bike.

On weekdays, Cannondale has around eleven trains total that head to Grand Central. In most instances riders have to change at either South Norwalk or Stamford, but there are three commuter express trains that head direct to Grand Central in the early-morning peak period.

That is pretty much all I can think of to say about Cannondale right now – I’ll be back again next week with another New Haven Line station to look at. As of right now I’ve been to roughly half of all the NH Line stations, including all of the Danbury and Waterbury branches. By the time I finish I might never want to look at a train station again :P


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  1. Rob says:

    Somewhere in my archives I have pictures of the Metro North car labeled “Cannondale”, in the Danbury yard.

    I shot the pic’s when I used to work for the Cannondale bike company. That’s where the company got it’s name.

    They were going to use my shots for a catalog, but licensing issues ensued.

  2. mike says:

    does look well built like belonging in ones back yard…thanks again….

  3. Ed says:

    Hi. The property around this station was owned by June Havoc, of “Gypsy” fame. Just a tidbit I thought you might find interesting.

  4. Kristin says:

    U must try the schoolhouse at Cannondale restaurant!, it’s spectacular and in a little white schoolhouse in the parking lot…perfect for your backyd!

  5. Al the K says:

    More trivia: the station has gotten notice elsewhere. It has been beautifully and accurately reproduced in kit form for model railroaders.

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