I have a new favorite bit of graffiti that I absolutely had to post photos of. Although the piece in between Valhalla and North White Plains I mentioned a while back is still my favorite on the Harlem Line, it certainly pales in scope to this graffiti I just discovered along the tracks in Danbury. Well, I shouldn’t say “just discovered” – I had noticed it in the car for quite a long time, probably even a year or more. I kept thinking to myself, one of these days I have to come back with my camera. Over the weekend I did just that. From the road, however, it is impossible to notice how grand this piece really is. It is quite immense, taking up a huge wall. I keep looking back at the pictures I took, thinking that this wall is just so amazingly gorgeous (and one of these photos is currently my desktop background).

The graffiti is located just off of Main Street in Danbury, not far from the Metro-North station, and the Danbury Railway Museum (it is not alongside actual Metro-North Danbury Line tracks). The most noticeable portion is the portion closest to the road, depicting Danbury Police Officer Robert DiNardo, who died of cancer in 2009. However, the wall is extremely long and continues far beyond what is visible from the road. If you ever have the time to check it out, I highly recommend it. The entire wall was a collaborative effort by the DF Crew, who are active in the New York City area. The portrait of DiNardo was done by Jick, who grew up in Danbury and now lives in the Bronx.


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  1. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    bad ass

  2. tetsoushima says:

    I live in Danbury, and I remember when these started popping up. It is pretty incredible that nobody would even notice some of them unless you pointed them out.

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