Yes, it is that time again… one of the worst commuting days of the year. The day that some Metro-North employees avoid like the plague. One of the only days where alcohol is banned on the train. Yes, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, where the drunk and crazy are out in full force, until you find them later hungover and passed out after leaving you a few presents.

For those of you interested in taking the train to see the parade in the city, Metro-North will be having some extra trains running tomorrow. If you’re on the Harlem Line, be sure to read this information carefully, as there have been changes because of the continuing power issue in Katonah due to flooding (which personally, I don’t believe Metro-North is explaining enough to its customers, but that is another story entirely. Floods can’t be helped, but a better informed customer would be more understanding than the ones who believe they have been kicked off their trains for no apparent reason 3 days in a row).

As previously mentioned, the MTA PD has decreed that there shall not be any alcohol on trains or Metro-North property. That, of course, won’t stop people from putting their alcohol in coffee mugs or gatorade bottles – but beware, the MTA PD K9’s might be present to sniff you out!

And speaking of canines, Metro-North’s unofficial mascot, Conductor Dog, has a message for you all:

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