New Operation Lifesaver Poster

You too can win a Darwin award! Presenting the new Operation Lifesaver poster!

The original poster can be found here.

Seriously though, I’ve read a many stories this week alone about people getting killed by trains, many of which were walking on the tracks while listening to music – they never even heard the train coming. Unless your goal is to remove yourself from the gene pool, don’t be stupid.

One thought on “New Operation Lifesaver Poster

  1. Nice job.

    The only tweaking I’d do would be to drop the punctuation (the two periods), drop the “the” (before “sissies”), and change “sissies” to “wimps”. I think four mono-syllabic words (“It’s not for wimps”) pack a bit more punch. But, of course, it’s easier to be a critic than it is to be a writer.

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