I don’t often discuss some of the other rail related blogs out there… but there are quite a few of them that I’ve become quite fond of. I’ve always loved reading Bobby McDonough’s blog, Derailed, and being a conductor, he has a slightly different view of things than us commuters. I may be in love with John, who writes My Effing Commute, as his sarcastic comments and observations send me into fits of hysterical laughter every time I read. I don’t look at too many train-related blogs outside of the New York area, but one I do is I Ride the T, the author of which may have been inspired by this site.

There is, however, one particular blog I’d like to feature today, and that is TrainJotting. Before I know it, I’ll have been writing on here for two years… TrainJotting, on the other hand, is a bit older than that – the site turns four today. Congrats, TrainJotting!

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