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  1. Al Cyone says:

    I’m sorry you are (or were) under the weather but I’m glad you finally made it up to the Walkway Over the Hudson. When you’re feeling better I hope you’ll post some pictures . . . and your impressions. Part of me would rather see trains running across it but, as that wasn’t an option (at least not in my lifetime), I’m glad the bridge is getting the attention it deserves.

    Maybe next year you’ll be able to visit the Walkway Over the Rondout (in Rosendale, along the route of the Wallkill Valley Railroad).

  2. Rich says:

    Thank you So Much for Posting these photos!! My Mother still lives in Lagrangeville…and I know the owner of Angies Garadge…close by.. He has lived in the area for a long time.. and I am sure his mother would know much of the History…too.. Was always interested in the Lagrangeville Train station…I see in the Pictures it was named Lagrange.. Love looking at the Black & White Photos… Much Developement…since them Days..
    I wonder if they will build a Trail walk through there….that would be NICE!!… and to visit the Restored Train Station…would be a Nice Tourist-Attraction!!… I hope it may come to Pass…especially it being restored Beautifully!!!
    Thank you…& Blessings..

  3. Terri Albrecht says:

    I live in the Hamlet of Lagrangeville.
    I’m looking for any historical information about this Hamlet and pictures…

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