Nestled in a lush carpet of green grass is a station on the Upper Harlem called Tenmile River. As to be expected, the name derives from a river of the same name. The station was completed and opened by Metro-North in 2000, along with Wassaic. In the New York Central and Penn Central days there was another station at this location, called State School. That station was closed in 1972, when service north of Dover Plains was discontinued. Tenmile River is the second to last station on the Harlem Line, and 78 miles from Grand Central. Similar to most Upper Harlem Line stations, Tenmile River is in a very rural area. Despite this, many of the stations find themselves close to or on the main road of Route 22 – Tenmile River seems to be the most isolated. But with the gorgeous grass and the recently built station platform, Tenmile River may be one of the more attractive stations on the Harlem Line.

As a bonus, here is a panorama of the former station Kensico. I have mentioned Kensico before, but hadn’t posted a panorama yet. I would have liked to get one at a different angle, but there were a lot of people there for a funeral.

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  1. nice post…no doubt you wrote it fresh today.

  2. Karl Sakas says:

    I love the panoramic shots — what do you use to take them?

    • Emily says:

      Usually I just take a bunch of overlapping photos and use the photomerge option in Photoshop. Most times I have to do a little fix up work, but usually not too much.

  3. James says:

    Oh, Emily. Please see my painting of that scary-gothic Harlem Valley-Wingdale building at night, the building that was the laundry for the asylum…

  4. Andrew Porter says:

    The Ten Mile River flowed past the place our family used to stay at in the late 1940s-early 1950s, when my father worked during the summer at the Berkshire Country Club in Wingdale, a resort with a primarily Jewish audience. It’s now a 7th Day Adventist Summer Camp, on a nearby lake. Camp Unity, run by the NY Communist Party, was across the lake.

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