Last Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day, the sun was shining bright, and it was quite warm. Instead of taking my normal route home, I opted for the scenic route. I got a coworker to give me a ride to Pleasantville station, not far from work and on his way home. From there I took a train to Chappaqua. And then after that I took a train to Mount Kisco. I photographed each of the three stations, enjoyed my time, and explored. If you happen to be like me, a person that doesn’t drive, Mount Kisco might be your cup of tea. And even if you do drive, you might still enjoy the area around the station. The old station building still stands, though there no longer is a staffed ticket window. Instead, an Italian restaurant, Via Vanti, occupies the space. There are quite a few restaurants close-by, however, and I opted for the less expensive dinner at Cosi. Hopefully I didn’t smell too bad. By the time I got there after wandering and taking photos at the three stations I was just a tad sweaty. But all in all it was a great photographic adventure, and I discovered each of the stations had something intriguing about them. Mount Kisco may have been my favorite out of the bunch, which may be why I chose to post those photos first. Either way, chalk another station up as completed for the Panorama Project!

As an added bonus, I have photos from a former train station: Thornwood. As part of the Panorama Project my goal is to also photograph former stations, though I am undecided whether they are deserving of their own posts as part of the “tour”. Instead I think the few former stations will be featured as “bonuses”.

Thornwood is located in between the current stations of Hawthorne and Pleasantville. The station was closed in the early 80’s when the Harlem Line was electrified past North White Plains. It was not an incredible loss, as anyone who used the station had the option to use Hawthorne, approximately one mile south, or Pleasantville, approximately one mile north. The sign on the front of the old station building says it is now occupied by the Thornwood-Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce. I didn’t see anyone inside the building, though it is possible they were hiding behind the windows and laughing at me as a took pictures.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Nice pictures, I used to live in MK. These pictures remind me of home. Thanks!

  2. karen g says:

    Hi! fun project … enjoyed your observations

  3. skyking says:

    As a thornwood resident for the past 50 plus years …still looking for pictures of the old T’wood station. Enjoy reading your site, thanks

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