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  1. DSALT says:

    I love them! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! Esp. Princess Pudding.

  2. Dear Emmie
    Thank you for having you write it in the blog. In addition, please come if I come to Japan. I wait with all the cat staff.

  3. Suldog says:

    Truly fascinating reading from your trip. Thank you for the insights into Japanese culture! I visited Tokyo almost 30 years ago, but did not have a chance to see as many local and unique spots as you have. Great stuff!

  4. Patti Dalmau says:

    Great Blog! I really like your clean and smooth design.

  5. joyce says:

    Hi i will be going to japan this coming sept 2012 and i would love to visit the cat cafe. I would love to ask, is it near the hachiko statue? Thanks

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