I sort of realized that I haven’t taken the time to make a post on the blog since I’ve returned from my adventures in Japan. But I am back now, back to the normal schedule of work, and riding Metro North, and encountering crazy people. I bought a lot of cool stuff in Japan… though I’ve unfortunately brought home an “unwanted visitor” from the land of the rising sun in the form of the cold I have right now. I’ll definitely be posting stories, and photos, and videos (yeah, I have around 10gb of data in total to weed through), but I’m trying to feel a little bit better first.

So what were some of the highlights of my trip? I checked out the Hachiko statue outside of Shibuya Station, and went to a Cat Cafe not too far from there as well. I took a ride on a Super-Express Nozomi Shinkansen (bullet train). I rode, and sat in the front seat, of the sixth-tallest roller coaster in the world (was 5th until last month, boo). I saw the tame deer of Nara, geishas in Kyoto, and the cosplay-dressed girls in Akihabara. I saw Tama, the Station Master cat, and delivered my gift, and took a ride on what I certainly think is the coolest (or at least the cutest!) railcar ever. I took pictures with some cool Japanese people, whose uniforms I thought were the cutest things…

Like this train conductor…

They wear white gloves!

…and of course, I saw lots of beautiful cherry blossoms.

I swear more pictures and stories are coming… when I feel a little better. I promise!

In other news, this site officially turned 1 on April 10th. Blog posts started in February last year, but many of them were backdated when I first started. April 10th was the actual “create date” – so Happy Birthday, I Ride The Harlem Line.

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  1. Suldog says:

    Well, Happy Blogiversary, glad you’re back safe and sound, looking forward to more stories and photos!

  2. Great Pictures you and the Conductor

  3. Sheryl says:

    White gloves – I love that! Soooo classy! Not to mention a beautifully tailored and well fitting suit. Our MTA workers would never look so good (though some of them pull off the uniform nicely.) Happy blogiversary :)

    • Emily says:

      Lol, they’d never wear the gloves. They try and get out of wearing those ties as much as possible in the winter too. But yeah, it does look quite classy. I think they do it partially for germophobic reasons too. At least that is what I figured in my head :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    more more, i need more

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