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  1. Sheryl says:

    I’m one of the unfortunate people who lost a (brand new 400 dollar) iPod on the 7 Train tracks. There was NO WAY in hell I was jumping down there for it. I went and got a station agent and an hour and a half later, help came. They looked down there for over half an hour and it didn’t turn up. They theorized someone *else* jumped down there when I went to get help. I can’t imagine anyone being so crazy but obviously people are. What a horrible, horrible way to die and the poor train conductor and people that witnessed it. Just terrifying.

  2. Scottieboy says:

    It’s heartless but it’s true. It drives me mad when people are killed on railway tracks through their own stupidity, and yet somehow the train companies get the blame. Train tracks are dangerous: end of. If you drop something down there, kiss it goodbye.

    My sympathies are always with the driver in these cases. Totally unfair on him.

    • Emily Moser says:

      You’re right. For that driver, just knowing that you killed someone is terrible, even if it wasn’t your fault. I wouldn’t be surprised if the family tries to sue the city somehow and win. I recall reading a story about a drunk fratboy that fell off the platform and lost his leg. Totally his fault, but he managed to extract quite a bit of money from city/the MTA.

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