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Monday the 15th brings some service changes to the Bee Line Bus system in Westchester, one of them being the elimination of the AirLink route to Westchester Airport. Every morning after arriving at the train station in White Plains, I always saw the AirLink bus pull in. I don’t think I ever saw a single person get on that bus. Perhaps I was just there at an early time which no one rode, but if that was the typical amount of riders, I can understand why the route was cut.

I only took the AirLink once, which was back in September, when I had a flight out of Westchester Airport to Orlando. Picking the bus up right in front of the train station is quite convenient. Plus the ride only took around twenty minutes. You’ll still be able to take the bus to the airport (route #12), but you’ll have to catch the bus a block away from the train station, and it will take a bit longer. And, depending on the time, you might have to transfer. If you are lucky enough to catch a direct bus, the travel time will double to around 40 minutes. If you get stuck making the transfer, travel time will triple and will be a little over an hour. If you need to figure out how to get to the airport, you can use the Bee Line’s Trip Planner.

In addition to the AirLink elimination, several other bus routes will be having some changes, so if you are a Bee Line rider, I suggest you look at their Route Changes page.

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  1. Creative Name says:

    There is no transfer necessary / possible. Travel time is just under 40 minutes on average. http://transportation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/Schedules/rte_12_timetable.pdf

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