I figured I would post another little note for any Harlem Line riders looking to take Metro North to the city for the Thanksgiving Day Parade… especially considering that the parade will be taking a different route this year. The parade begins at 77th Street and Central Park West at 9am. Instead of going down Broadway like previous years, the parade will head down 7th Avenue. People of course start lining up quite early for a good spot to see the parade. So what trains are available to get you there in time? The following are Harlem Line trains departing from Southeast station:
4:20AM, arrives 5:56AM
5:13AM, arrives 6:40AM
6:13AM, arrives 7:40AM
6:43AM, arrives 8:10AM*** (extra holiday train)
7:05AM, arrives 8:27AM*** (extra holiday train)
7:13AM, arrives 8:40AM
7:43AM, arrives 9:10AM*** (extra holiday train)
For those of you leaving from other stations, you can consult Metro-North’s online schedule search.

Also, if you can’t make the parade, you can always go to the public viewing of the parade balloons, while they are being inflated. This happens tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving (11/15) at 77th and 81st Streets, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. The public viewing starts at 3pm and goes until 10pm.

Anything else you may need to know can be found on Macy’s parade web site.

Also, if you happen to be in or around Times Square (or even watching the parade televised) look out for my video billboard, which will be right above the Times Square Toys R Us. Here’s a frame from the ad:

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