For those of you that ride the subway, you are probably a lot more used to having people playing music and such at the stations. It isn’t something that commonly happens at Metro North stations. This morning when I got off the train at White Plains, I kept hearing some sort of brass instrument playing Christmas music. People up in the waiting room must have thought I was an idiot, because I kept walking around the station trying to figure out where the hell the music was coming from. Turns out it was downstairs, outside by the entrance.

I talked with the man briefly, and he said that he would be playing outside train stations in the area three days a week. He’s collecting donations for the Salvation Army. The next time I see him I will ask what other stations he is playing at and such. Anyways, if you see him, say hello and give a little donation. I have to admit, the trombone playing is a lot nicer than the usual bell ringing. :P

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