It has always been my opinion that the taxis in White Plains have some really weird names. As you leave the station there is a long lane for taxis, and they all line up waiting for people in need of their services. Each taxi has a name on the left door, and the name of the town where it is from. Some of them try and sound professional: Executive Taxi. Some are just generic: Central Taxi, Westchester Taxi. Others are more out there, but still believable: Flamingo Taxi. Others, well, I just don’t know. One example was a taxi I saw today. The name was “Desire of Nation Tax” apparently there was not enough space on the door of the taxi to fit all that, so the last few letters were written up the side. And since there was no room for the “i”, it was left off. Come on guys, you’re not even trying…

Apparently the New York Times has written an article about the various names of the White Plains taxis. Desire of Nation comes from a church quarterly.

Since I was unable to capture a photo of the taxi, I commissioned an artist (myself) to make a rendition of what the taxicab looked like.

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