Where Am I? #2

Earlier in the week I posted my first Where am I, and I must admit, it was kind of fun. I was right though, it didn’t take much for a whole lot of people to recognize the rooster, a small part of Alison Saar’s Arts for Transit piece at Harlem-125th Street. This week I am hoping that the challenge will be a little bit more difficult. When I visited this station, these two little guys were my absolute favorite part of the place. I don’t know anything about them, though I’d love to learn more. They bear some resemblance to gargoyles, but in my mind they are “leaf people” – the faces do look a little bit like they are made of leaves and acorns. Again, we’re totally talking Metro-North stations, and current ones at that. Here are the two photos:

So, do you recognize these “leaf people?” Do you know where I am? Post a comment or tweet if you think you know where these guys are located, or you want to take a guess! If nobody gets it, I think I’ll post some hints throughout the day. We’ll see how it goes

Edit: Nobody has figured out the location, so here are a few hints:
• It is not New Haven Union Station (a guess on twitter)
• The name of the station, and the line that it is on are both two word names.

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Where am I?

If the police were to confiscate my camera, they’d find a lot of dorky pictures on it. I love little details – from light fixtures to fences, and other intriguing embellishments that can be found on railroad stations. I’m always photographing these little things, and even various textures. I love textures (perhaps this is why I find the Richardsonian Romanesque buildings architecturally intriguing, and probably my favorite style). I thought it might be fun to take some of the more interesting “details” photos that I’ve taken, and play a little game. Can you recognize where I am, just from a little detail? Well, I suppose we’ll find out. There aren’t any prizes or anything, if you correctly identify the Metro-North station in the photo, you just get to feel important for a fleeting moment on the internet.

I’m thinking this one is a bit easy, especially since I’ve already posted these photos. Nonetheless, do you know where I am?

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